Thursday, October 15, 2009

October 15th

Sofie has enjoyed a few outings the past couple of nights. Last night she attended her sister Hallies baptism and tonight she is at the ballet with friends. She will also have her first sleep over since chemo at the Kroger home. We are taking extra precautions to protect her from getting sick. The 2 big ones are wearing her face mask and sanitizing her hands. I sent her out the door with both and her friends are very good at keeping their hands sanitized as well!! It is definitely risky to let her out especially during flu season but don't want her to stop living either. The likelihood of her getting sick staying at home is high as well at this point. Jeff reminded me that in Japan, no one goes out without their face mask. Maybe we should start a new face mask trend in Jackson and try to keep our community flu free this season!! Bonnie

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  1. Be the looks and sounds of her friends, I think the "face mask trend" may already be beginning. The sound like a great group of kids who would do anything for their friend, Sofia! If you need anything or help with anything here in Utah, please let us know! ~ Jill ~