Thursday, October 1, 2009

First Big Day in SLC

After another mri, a bone scan, an echocardiogram, and a meeting with Dr. Jones (her surgeon) and Dr. Wright (her chemo oncologist), we finally have a chemo schedule for Sofie. Today she got a hearing test and is having minor surgery to insert her central line into her body. This is the place where all of her meds will be injected for the next 8 months. That way they dont need to keep poking her. At 4 pm they will administer her 1st chemo treatment. If you are in SLC, she can have visiters Friday but will probably be released sometime on Saturday. We will stay at my folks for conference and fly back to Jackson Monday night. Her next chemo lasts for 18 days starting Oct. 22nd. Surgery falls on Christmas eve according to the calendar.... but Im sure they'll let us wait til the 26th!!

Her chemo schedule only gives her only 4 weeks at home in Jackson til christmas..... more time in hospital than we thought. After her surgery, if they find that her body responded well to the chemo, she will have chemo for another 20 weeks (5 months). After that we hope to hear that she is cancer free for good!! Bonnie


  1. Sof--I think Christmas Eve would be a great day for surgery. Your doc must really like you for thinking of that. What better Christmas gift to give yourself than a new beginning to a new and better life that is cancer-free. Fits right in with the reason for the holiday people call Christmas. Just my thoughts from someone who has been there. Love you and thinking of you often.
    Diana Rieser