Tuesday, October 6, 2009

such a relief!

so, sofie's blood levels are all good! they think the fainting resulted from over-medicating and dehydration. getting the admixture right for her nausea is one of many challenges especially initially. combine that with the nausea making it nearly impossible for her to take in fluids, and you have a real dilemma.

also, one of the counter indications (how on earth any chemotherapy is not counter indicative is food for thought) for cisplatin (one of the most virulent of all chemo) is possible detriment to the heart, but an ekg showed no ill effects! so she is actually doing very well, and she ate today. alot! hooray, hooray, hooray!

today was a stressful one, and the relief is just as intense. thanks for all your prayers!


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  1. In a limited sense because of this tough situation, you're a little like the parents of a firstborn newborn. And in a little more literal sense, the chemo causes Sofie to experience a not only partial loss of life, but also a rebirth.

    In light of that metaphor, eating, eating, and more eating does seem to be the key. I also have another prompt, which I'll share in private.

    Meantime, I feel the power of the prayers offered for your sakes...like letting go of a ball that you know is going to make it in the basket.