Saturday, October 3, 2009

Affects of chemo on Sofie

Please move past this post if you dont want some details of how the chemo is affecting Sof. One thing Ive learned recently.... not everyone does the hospital scene.... some have great difficulty being in this setting.... and definately some people wont want to hear about Sof's chemo!! But hear goes. Sof started chemo medicine (I have the hardest time calling it medicine because medicine is spose to make you feel better.... In the very long run, it will, right?) yesterday at 11:45 am. They gave her 2 anti nausea medicines beforehand. They said by 3 she may be feeling sick. At 7 pm was was sick and made the comment, " cant they just put me out for the next 9 months while I go thru this?!" Thats when it hit her, I think, at least the first big bump in the road. They gave her an additional and different medicine to help. It made her very happy and loopy as well. But it was an improvement on what she had been feeling before. Shortly thereafter she sunk into a deep sleep. We had lots of visitors last night which was great for me but Sof slept through it. They dont have visitor hours but I decided last night that 7 pm will be our cut off.... we're not much good after that!

Anyway, they are now giving her a different anti nausea med every 2 hours... they all have different side effects so they cant keep giving her the same one over and over. She didnt sleep well due to nausea despite the meds and like I said yesterday, they pull her out of bed every 2 hours 24\7 and make her pee. The chemo med itself is bright red and because her white and red blood cells as well as her platelettes are depleting, her face is a pale yellow color so dont be alarmed when you see her... she is still beautiful, just weak. The nurse said that today would be harder than yesterday. So its true that cancer is not for sissys and that includes the people who have to watch and administer to her. Brookie and I have been here in the hospital every hour and when its time for bed, Brookie crawls right in with her. What an experience for a best friend. Im going to try to get Brooke out today to go get some stuff for Sof. Thanks to all loved ones who have stepped on this crazy train with us.... for the thoughts, prayers, cards, meals, gifts and untold love..... Bonnie


  1. Wow! You guys are both so tough. I can't imagine going through that or watching my child go through that. Hang in there both of you!

  2. What is the name of the chemo she is getting? I know its knickname--red death, but can't remember the real name. Hang in there and remember to keep on fighting. You too, Bonnie!!