Thursday, October 29, 2009

October 29th

Had a rough morning. Woke at 5:30 for 7 am flight to SL. Sofie was sick. She threw up at security at Jax airport, and again on the plane. Weird because its the first time shes fully lost her cookies so we didnt see it coming. Gave her some meds for nausea and she became very happy. Used wheelchair for transport throughout both airports and that was a lifesaver. By the time we checked in, she was feeling so good and happy. We are now comfortable in our little room. They started her iv at 11:30 but it takes many hours before chemo actually starts because they have to increase her fluids to a certian point and it just takes time. This is the best time of our stay in the hospital because we just enjoy eachothers company. Sofie eats lots and lots of steak! Never did before chemo. The recommended diet for chemo patients is high fat, high protein so thats perfect! Sofie is comfortably watching "House" episodes waiting for her sleepover to arrived. Tonight it's Shantelle Vu, dear friend from Utah, 17 yrs old, darling friend. Thats all for now! Bonnie
PS visitors today, Grandpa Turner (my dad) and Daddy G. Jason Celaya is coming tonight! Brookie on Saturday!

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  1. Bonnie-

    You and Sofie are constantly in my thoughts! Hang in there.