Tuesday, October 13, 2009

related to bonnie's post about blood cell counts...

so, my sofie told me about her low white blood count and i wanted to get an idea of what that means with respect to ongoing chemo. so i dialed (dialed? really?) dr jones (god bless how willingly he picks up our phone calls), and to be sure, the count is low, but absolutely as planned and actually, "regular," right on schedule for treatment. i knew that, but am grateful for reassurance that alleviates anxiety right at the surer level just beneath it.--geoff (dad)

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  1. Hi, this is Ligia Huntington. Alex's wife. I met Sofie once or twice a while ago with Geoff and we watched a movie at my house. I recently heard about her condition and came here to check out the blog that Alex was looking up. I'd love to get your emails cuz I myself have been doing quite a bit of research on causes of cancer and would like to send you some of the stuff I've learned. I strongly believe it might be helpful to Sofie. At least it couldn't hurt right? Anyways, my email is Ligia81@aol.com. I'd just rather not send it as a comment. I have other family going through similar experiences and have longed to share this info with others but I can't send super long comments. I tried that with someone else's blog and it didn't work. So if you could send me your family's emails, I'd love to write and send you all some interesting things I've recently discovered.