Monday, October 19, 2009

Fun Wigs at Halloween Headquarters

Bonnie gave me access to the blog so I could post some pictures from today. They are in a slide show above :)

I have been dancing with Sofie since she was VERY little... I was a senior in high school when she was in 8th grade, and I helped coach the dance team when I took fall semester off of sophomore year. Some of the "college girls" came home this weekend and we were so excited to spend time with Sof and be back with the dancer family. Today I went shopping for hats and wigs with Bonnie and Sofie, and had quite a fun time trying on some very silly wigs in Halloween Headquarters. Sofie tried on almost every wig in the store so we documented all her different looks for you all to see! I have a few more pictures from the visit that I will post later too :)

All my love,


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  2. Sofie-

    Thank you for being such an incredible role model for us all on how to live in the moment and never take anything for granted. You are truly beautiful in every way. You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers!

    Lots of Love,
    Ashley Holzer

  3. are amazing!!! Way to stay positive, Sweetie!!! You are going to beat this battle!
    Love you,
    Auntie Jessie