Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday eve October 11th

Sof is experiencing pain in her tumor, a pain she hasn't had up to this point. She started pain meds which she isn't fond of taking... I called her surgeon who thinks it may be a fracture. Getting a fracture along the bone line where you have a cancer tumor is a complication that isn't uncommon. He wants us to go back to see Dr. Khoury to get a radiogram. If its not a fracture then it is likely inflammation from the bodies response to large amounts of dead cancer cells in her leg. ( I like the sound of that.. DEAD cancer cells!)

Sof continues to be good natured about her illness and uses humor every day in response to being sick. Hallie and Sydnie have been a huge help in getting things done around the house and keeping attitudes positive. Syd was much more with it emotionally than I was on Saturday.... I was super proud of her and took comfort in her "stellarness". We had a beautiful Sabbath at grandmas and grandpas today listening to replays (highlights) of general conference. We are learning a lot... sometimes gracefully and sometimes not, but moving forward. Much Love, Bonnie

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  1. We loved being able to spend time with you guys Sunday. Great new pics!