Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Report (Oct 5)

Sof slept most of the day but did have more coherent moments when she opened her eyes. Still hasnt been able to get on her feet. Brookies flight flew to Jax last night and then back to SLC due to weather so she came back to spend another day with Sofie. Maybe tomorrow will be the day Sof is able to get out of bed without being sick. For about 30 minutes this morn she became emotional, reality setting in... but we are pushing through and tomorrow will be a better day as the med starts to wear off and the chemo flushes out. We dont know when we will departing back to Jackson but thats ok, we are in good hands. Bonnie


  1. Bonnie, bless you for keeping us all up to date. You are a amazing woman, no wonder Heavenly Father blessed Sofie with you! Sofie has been in all our hearts and each and every prayer. We love you all! The Schreiber's

  2. As you are aware, God blesses us through each other. Please actively draw on our strength at a distance. We are sending it.