Sunday, October 4, 2009

Love the new pix!! That is happiness. We are out of the hospital as of noon today.... I dont believe Sofie remembers leaving the hospital or getting to grandma's house. She will stay on anti- nausea meds for another 24 hours, again every 2 hours through the night, which will keep her sleepy. Dont know exactly when we'll return back to Jackson. Its really depends on her. Her team of care-givers has warned us against school, church, airports and public areas in general. Being sequestered at home will definately cause her sadness... little social bug that she is. We will welcome visitors who are extremely well and wash-up before theyenter her space.

Thanx Bert for the darling photos... you're hired! If anyone with website experience knows how to put permanent photos on her template (ya know the kind that dont scroll down and get lost!) let me know.

You have given us so much, in so many little, big and varied ways and we love all (even strangers) who have taken an interest in her illness and care. Bonnie

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