Saturday, October 3, 2009

Teen-age Friends

I saw something very peculiar this morning coming up to Sofies room. It was actually a most beautiful sight.... teenagers sleeping over night on couchs (good ones) in lounch area. They brought their own blankets and pillows and were crashed all night. Visitors of teenage patients no doubt. I thought to myself, wow, Damon could have that couch, Michaela could have that one, Maddie, Bert, McKensie etc. etc..... just a thought!! Bonnie

PS I asked the nurses about it and they said its was absolutely legal and encouraged!!

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  1. Remember...I only live 5 min. from the hospital and I love teenagers!! We have enough room and they could stay at my place all weekend-anytime they want to come. Open invitation. those friends looking at this blog and wanting to come see Sofie-email me at